Project Overview


Maple Mansion

Maple Mansion. In 2006, Maple Mansion, as the first real estate project launched by Gree Real Estate, changed the impression of Xiawan city living in Zhuhai with the uniqueness of a plot ratio of 1.53 at that time and by the virtue of the planning concept of "allowing only a small amount of land to build houses".

The style of the project is mainly simple and modern. By the incorporation of sightseeing elevators into its design, it made a breakthrough of the space boundaries. The design made use of 5 square meters of space to accommodate 5,000 square meters of garden landscape so that the presentation of the landscape to each household is maximized. 



The Gemini Project is located in the development area of BaiJiao New Town in the Doumen District of Zhuhai (the northwest side of Zhuhai Tianjiabing Middle School at Baijiao Road). It covered an area of about 14,000 m2 and has a capacity building area of 36,000 m2. The products have an area of about 65m2 to 100 m2 and consist of two-room to three- room units. 

Gemini continues with the modern minimalist architectural style of Gree City and Pingsha Nine. It is a star of vitality in the West and has all the values of prosperity, humanity, living, ecology, etc. and creates a young, simple and dynamic life attitude of Zhuhai Ecological New City.


Zhuhai Jinding 2016-12 Plot

The Jinding 2016-12 Plot Project is located at the west end of the Technology Innovation Coast area of Tangjiawan New Town in Zhuhai, which has a total land area of 14,287.34 square meters.

The design organized the space with the harmony of environment, landscape and people. With the planning vision of "A livable new city and an ecological garden city", it targets to create a novel residential community with outstanding theme and excellent quality. 

The single-family area of this project is selected to be within 50-95 square meters, with diverse types of households. The project is suitable for young and middle-aged customers of different age groups and different family types. 
Committed to creating a top-grade trendy community that is suitable for young people to live in, and becoming a benchmark for seaside high-end residential community in the future.